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Blue Dog Online is a small web design partnership, experienced in producing small web sites and email newsletters. Our favoured style is clutter-free and easy-to-read, as we believe this gives the nicest experience for your readers/visitors, but obviously we work hard on each project to achieve the aims of the client above our own personal taste. At the moment we work part-time on this and our clients tend to come via referrals based on our previous work.

That said, we're happy to consider any new clients that come our way, so if you're interested in a low-cost web site or email newsletter, drop us an email with a description of what you'd like. If it's a web site you're after, try to include links to some other sites that are similar to what you have in mind, as we find this is the best way to give us a clear indication of the scale of a project.

Tuesday 27th March 2012

Wait. No Blog?

by Blue Dog

That's right, we no longer have a blog on our home page. We weren't updating it very often and have therefore decided that it shouldn't have such pride of place at the front of our web site. However, we do like it as an example that we can show to people so it hasn't gone altogether. Instead, we've simply moved it across to the brand new Blog page.

Posted at 14:50
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